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Where is practice held?
Practices are held at the John Holland Boathouse in Ventnor on North Surry Avenue.  


What do I need for practice?

  • Please dress in layers of tight-fitting clothes. Bulky coats don't provide the necessary range of motion.  Scarves flap in the wind.

  • Spandex shorts in the warm weather and long spandex pants in the cold weather are ideal. Loose fitting shorts or pants will become caught in the sliding seat.

  • Hats in the winter and sun visors or baseball caps in the warmer weather.

  • Bring a good pair of sneakers.  Running will play a significant part of land conditioning.  

  • Socks are also essential.  We don't want anyone putting bare feet into boat shoes.

  • Many participants choose to wear sandals that are easy to slip on and off at the dock. 

  • Water bottle.

  • No gloves and rings.  They will interfere with gripping the oar and cause blisters.

Will I get wet?
Yes, rowing is a water sport.  There is often a little splash or spray while rowing.  

What if I have to miss practice?
It is important to come to all practices.  Rowing requires teamwork.  By missing a practice you are not only missing valuable information and training, but you may be preventing the team from filling a boat. Please contact one of the coaches if you have to miss practice.

What if I am late for practice?
It is important to be on time for all practices.  Ideally, all athletes should arrive 15 minutes before practice begins so that they are dressed and ready for training.  Also, if you are late, your boat may row out to the lake without you and you will not have a way to reach your team.


How do I take care of blisters?
Blisters are an inevitable consequence of rowing.  It is important to keep blisters clean. Neosporin and rubbing alcohol are good over the counter products to clean the blistered area and help to relieve the pain. Band-aids and tape will help protect the blisters from getting infected.


Does practice get canceled due to inclement weather?
The decision to cancel practice is at the discretion of the Coach's.  Rain does not prevent the team from practicing. The team can do land conditioning if they are not able to go out on the water.  The team will not go out on the water if there is thunder, lightning or high winds.

When will the schedules be released?

Schedules are typically released on Thursday of the week of the race.  However there can be changes up to and including the morning of the race depending on if 1 or more boats drop out of a race for one reason or another.

What is the bathroom situation at the races?

At Lake Lenape, there are climate controlled bathrooms near our tent.

At Philadelphia, each team has their own assigned port-a-potty, the key will be in the food tent

At Camden, there is a group of port-a-pottys for everyone to share at the race.

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