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Race Schedule

The Heats and Heads

What's the Difference?

Head races are timed, with each crew starting in single file or in small groups. Their start and finsish times are recorded, and the fastest crew wins. Even when they pass each other, crews do not know how they have placed until the official times are announced or posted.
Heat races are qualifying races, with each crew racing side by side. Winners advance to additional qalifyers, such as sem-finals and finals.

Learn About Rowing

Learn more about our sport at USRowing's Rowing 101
...and Wikipedia's Glossary of Rowing Terms for those who want to talk the talk and be the most knowledgable person in the room (or just look like it). Certainly, no one wants to catch a crab or be a drunken octopus.

Race Day Schedules & Results

Find the precise schedules, times and results of each crew at and

The Ladies


As soon as our coaches set the schedule for the 2019 season, we'll post it, here.

The Gentlemen

Fall Regattas (Tentative)

Head of the Schuylkill: October 28th, Schuylkill River
Hidden River Chase: November 4th, Schuylkill River
Philly Frost Bite: November 10th, Cooper River
Bill Braxton Memorial: November 11th, Cooper River

The Results

Race Name

We'll let you know how many wheelbarrows to bring to help us lift all the gold we'll be bringing home in 2019!