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About Membership


EHTHS Crew Boosters membership is open to the parents or guardians of current rowers.

Rights and Responsibilities

It truly takes a village to support the EHT Crew team. Every member must do their part and pitch in to sustain this team. Members are responsible for all fundraisers, obtaining sponsors, donating food items for races, coordinating gear, and a variety of other tasks. It is a lot of work, but each member's task is lessened when another lends a helping hand. If a task gets done, it gets done by a member. Our members, including officers, are all volunteers. Members attend meetings, vote on resolutions, and engage in all events affiliated with EHT Crew Boosters. It is also a lot of fun to be part of a crew community and there is no greater reward than to see our kids happy, healthy, and reaching their potential. It is the reason why we are all here.

Join Us


Members have access to and receive updates through our members-only Shutterfly site. To request membership, please send your name, email address, and the name of your rower to our Corresponding Secretary. This may take several days to verify and process. Remember, we are all volunteers.

Check Your Email

Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email, routed through our Shutterfly site, with an invitation to join. Follow the instructions in that email.

Already a Member?

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What for?

Shutterfly is how we communicate with members. We post important updates, deadlines, and announcements. It is the location for all of volunteer sign-ups. Members can post and answer questions on our message board, and also share some pretty awesome pictures of our kids. Resources include directions to races, links to race schedules and important rowing sites for waivers and race information.