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Let's Raise Some Money!

All hands on deck

It takes a lot of money to run a crew team and a significant amount comes from having a variety of fundraising events These events require the efforts of our members, rowers, and coaches. Everyone is needed to do a small part.

Double, triple, and quadruple dipping? That's not our style

We make every attempt to conduct fundraisers that do NOT reach into the pockets of families, friends, and neighborhoods two, three, and four times. When we say "no financial obligation of our members", we really mean it. Most of our fundraisers provide something of value to our supporters: a service, goods or just a fun time. Our most valuable fundraising asset is the time our volunteers put in to make our fundraisers a success.

List of Fundraisers

Sorry, we can't give away all our secrets! Instead, we'll post all the details about our upcoming fundraisers, below.

Updates and Upcoming

EHT Crew at Shop Rite, Somers Point

Update: Thanks to everyone who supported our rowers! They worked hard and are so grateful for your donations!

Designer Bag Bingo was AMAZING!

Designer Bag Bingo

Update: Beautiful bags! Outstanding baskets!
Best of all, our wonderful friends and neighbors who bring all the FUN!
Did you miss it? Don't fret! It will be back!

Five Below! Mays Landing AND Somers Point stores

Update: Thanks for getting out there and mentioning EHT Crew! EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Chido Burrito!

Update: Another wonderful meal together and show of support for the team! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Coin Drop

Update: Thanks to the community for supporting us! The weather was bitter cold, but our dedicated parents were out there for two days! Without the support of those dedicated folks, EHT Crew could not be successful. Thanks so much to our parents and community for their much needed assistance with this fundraiser!

Wreath Store

Update: Thank you for supporting the team with your purchase! We have received several messages thanking us for these wreaths that exceeded expectations in their beauty and fresh scent. We love those comments because it means that we are doing something good for others, too!


Update: Thanks to our coaches and everyone who came out to support the team! It's always great seeing you and we are looking forward a wonderful season together.

EHT Pride Festival

Update: The first annual EHT Pride Festival was a great success! We had a steady crowd of attendees for the ERG CHALLENGE. Our rowers and coaches deserve an A+ for enthusiasm and engagement! Big thanks to Coach Strauss, Coach Mike and Coach Welsh for being there to talk shop and represent the very best of EHT Crew! Thanks also to the parents and alumn who helped out or just stopped by to say hello! Plus, we finally, FINALLY, sold off the last of our remaining water and Gatorade bottles! We are already looking f0rward to next year's festival!

National Night Out

Update: We had a blast at National Night Out, 2018! Special thanks to Coach Strauss, Coach Bell (EHT Basketball), Fire Chief Winkler, and EMS Chief Higbee for taking a very wet pummeling for the kids, and to Chief Sharpe and the Bargaintown Fire Company for going above and beyond to fill our tank! Of course, thanks to our rowers, parents, and alumni who helped with sales and for stopping by to show support. Lessons Learned: A night to unite, indeed. We have a great time being together and supporting each other, but fruit is not such a hot seller when parked next to the ice cream truck.